Book Review: My Year of Rest and Relaxation

Author: Otessa Moshfegh
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Pub Date: July 10, 2018
FLW Rating: 3/5

You guys, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to my bank account since I bought this book. I’m sorry to all the lovers of this book out here… I didn’t love it. I wanted to! But I found it repetitive and for a book so original, surprisingly un-original.

My Year of Rest and Relaxation is the story of a very depressed millenial. By tricking her therapist in to prescribing her a series of sleep medications, she resolves to take a year off from working and normal life and sleep. The story comes from her life in the in between and the personal relationships she chooses to engage in or push away. Grab a front seat to the drama that is a year of life through the veil of a sleep medication cocktail.

I think my biggest issue with the book was that it didn’t meet any of my expectations — and not to any fault of the author, but in general I thought the book was about a burnt out millenial (which is comical), but instead the narrator was incredibly depressed form the death of both of her parents in quick secession. That’s not funny. I also read that the year of rest and relaxation it was assisted by her psychologist, but really she just abused the incompetence of the therapist she found online.. which is kind of funny, but also not funny.

Overall, I don’t know what I expected because honestly I thought she was going to sleep for a year (spoiler she doesn’t and you hear about her life in the times that she’s awake!), but the plot did nothing for me. and that ending. WHAT?! I needed more.

Call me old, maybe I am (I’m 29), but I wasn’t really feeling the jokes that were being made, and so this book didn’t land with me.

Have you read this? Let me know what you thought!


New York, New York

Hey Bookfriends –

Last week I went back to New York for a few days. If you checked out my Book Lover’s Guide to New York City, you’ll know that I lived there for four years but moved away last June – I hadn’t been back since! It was so amazing to be a tourist in a city I already knew so well. I knew what subways to take and where things were and what areas to avoid. I know this isn’t a travel blog, but I wanted to include some of the highlights in photo form and also let you know that… I’ll be taking a bit of a blogging break this week! I have some great posts and reviews in mind, but absolutely zero energy to write them. I’ll be back after some R&R (and by that I mean working, cooking, gyming, studying for a licencing exam, prepping for an international trip, and reading) but for now — enjoy these photos of New York! (And if you have any questions, drop em in the comments below 🙂 )

Our General Itinerary


  • Coffee at Bluestone Lane UES
  • Walk across Reservoir/Central Park
  • Restaurant Week Lunch at Red Rooster in Harlem
  • Explored the 72nd Street Transverse in Central Park
  • Read books in Central Park 🙂
  • Frick Collection (Pay what you wish Wednesdays 2-6)
  • Took the 7 train to Hudson Yards (I worked on this development as an engineer in NY so was amazing to see!)
  • Walk down Highline from 34th Street to 26th Street
  • Drinks at the Frying Pan
  • Drinks at Blind Tiger
  • PIZZA at Joe’s Pizza


  • Coffee at Little Collins
  • ATTEMPTED Restaurant Week Lunch at the MET. ($25 entrance fee on top of the cost of lunch, so we bailed – this included entrance to the museum, but since we used to live 5 minutes away and have been to the Met so many times, we wanted to just eat at the restaurant without paying museum admission)
  • Take the bus down 5th Ave (along Central Park)
  • Restaurant Week Lunch at Rotisserie Georgette
  • Rode the Tram to Roosevelt Island
  • Explored the FDR Memorial
  • Took the ferry to North Williamsburg
  • Ate ice cream at Van Leeuwens
  • Went to Grimm Tasting Room
  • Walked to The Well Beer Garden
  • Pre-dinner drinks at Syndicated Bar Theatre Kitchen
  • PIZZA at Roberta’s


  • Restaurant Week Lunch at Park Avenue Summer
  • Rode the bus to the New York Public Library at Bryant Park
  • Hopped on the train out of New York!


It was a great itinerary for us – a great mix of revisiting favorites and doing new things. I also loved doing restaurant week each day, a really fun way to explore new spots! Let me know what your favorite thing to do in New York is! And I’ll be back to talk about books next week!! 🙂



A Book Lovers Guide to: NEW YORK CITY

In honor of my first trip back to New York in over a year, I wanted to send some New York love in to this corner of the internet. I lived in New York for four years and mostly loved it. I didn’t make a book blog until the very end of my time there, so I didn’t do too much exploring of the book scene, but … I did enough. 

Disclaimer: this route has never been tested and would be way too much for me to do in one day, but I’m going to attempt to make a route for you sprinkled with some of my favorite places.

DSCF2824 (1)

Stop 1: Book Culture on Columbus

We’re going to start in the Upper West Side, one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. Spend a little time walking the streets, and dipping in to Central Park and you’ll soon see why. 🙂

Nearby Food: Back and better than ever after their 2017 fire – Jacob’s Pickles
Nearby Drink: George Keeley’s is a great beer bar. I love all the info the tv screens tell you about the freshness and flavor of the beer
Nearby Fun: The Museum of Natural History! And Central Park!
Nearby Subway Stop: B, C, 1

Stop 2: The Strand

Walk across Central Park via 86th street, say hi to the Reservoir for me, and then keep walking until you hit Lexington Ave. Hop on the 4/5 (or the 6 if you have some time) and ride the subway to Union Square. Welcome to The Strand – one of the most iconic bookstores around. Browse the $1 carts outside or head inside for more books and merch than you can imagine.

Nearby Food: I loved my sushi spot at Union Square called Sushi Chosi. Nothing fancy, but so delicious 🙂
Nearby Drink: Union Fare or Cibar for wine/cocktails, Headless Horseman for beer
Nearby Fun: I love shopping at Fish’s Eddy, which is right up Broadway. There are always farmers markets on in Union Square so keep an eye out for that! (if it’s there, you can’t miss it). And I’ve always wanted to play chess against one of the chess players in Union Square!
Nearby Subways: 4, 5, 6, N, Q, R, L (maybe..)

Stop 3: Three Lives and Co

This was my go to bookstore in New York since it was so close to where I lived. I love its cozy vibes and walking the streets of the West Village around it! From the Strand I’d probably walk. There aren’t any good subway routes to get you here!

Nearby Food: VAN LEWENS. Vegan (and non-vegan) ice cream. It is phenomenal
Nearby Drink: Just a few blocks away, in to the heart of the West Village is my favorite bar, Blind Tiger. Free cheese and bread on Wednesdays too! 🙂
Nearby Fun: My favorite card etc shop in New York is just a few blocks away! Definitely check out Pink Olive. Washinton Square Park is also nearby – take a stroll over there with your ice cream, especially in spring time and you’ll never want to leave New York.
Nearby Subway Stop: 1, 2, 3, A, C, E

Stops 4+5: McNalley Jacksons and Housingworks

Head back up to 14th street to catch the BDFM down to Broadway- Lafayette. You are now in the Lower East Side/SoHo. The interiors of these bookstores are pretty iconic – so make sure you’re ready to take in the decor with your book shopping!

Nearby Food: Rubirosa had amazing italian food! This is nearing NoLita so lots of good options here. Plus! McNalley Jackson’s has its very own cafe so you’ll never be hangry while book shopping.
Nearby Drink: Spring Lounge. Sister bar to Blind Tiger but a totally different vibe. I loved this bar too!
Nearby Fun: Just walking down Broadway in SoHo is so much fun. They have so many luxury stores so window shopping (or actual shopping) is so much fun here.
Nearby Subway Stop: B, D, F, M, R, W, 6

Stop 6: Books are Magic

And we saved the best for last! Books are Magic is one of the hottest bookstores in New York City. It was opened in 2017 by the author, Emma Straub and is now known for its amazing author events! It’s deep in to Brooklyn so you may as well just drive but once you get there it will be well worth the trek!

Nearby Food: I haven’t eaten in the area but I remember from my trip that I wanted to stop in SO many restaurants on the walk from the subway. This neighborhood is the cutest.
Nearby Drink: Other Half Brewing. I loved their hazy IPAs before they were cool 😉
Nearby Fun: This bookstore is all the fun you need. But its also not a bad walk down to Brooklyn Bridge Park with your new book!
Nearby Subway Stop: G. (…. good luck)

Congratulations! You made it! I hope you had a great day exploring NYC!