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I’m a structural engineer with a deep love of reading. I’ve always loved to read, but in my teenage and early adult years, reading got pushed aside for socializing and school work. Moving in to my real adult working life, I knew something was missing and when the dust finally settled, I knew it was reading.

As I started to read more, I found myself putting down a book only to pick the next one up and forget about the one I had just finished. It felt so unfulfilling for how much I had enjoyed the book! So I started writing small reviews, and following bookstagrammers, and finally started this blog and my instagram!

As the title of my blog suggests, I love to FEEL, LEARN, and WONDER  when I’m reading books. Book can be such an immersive experience — while sitting in my living room, I can travel around the world, meet people who lived generations ago, and experience so many things I couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t want to!) experience in real life.  I love that and I’m here to share my thoughts on books that make me feel that way!

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