Leave of Absence

Hi Bookfriends!

A few of you may have wondered where I’ve been since I haven’t shared a post in here in almost 6 weeks! It’s a crazy busy time for me right now between training for the La Jolla Half Marathon (only two weeks away – eek!), studying for my Seismic Principles (aka Earthquake Structural Engineering) licensing exam, and working full time.

Last summer I was faced with a similarly busy schedule and when I evaluated my priorities, I leaned a lot more heavily in to reading and blogging than working and studying. That didn’t work out for me when it came to passing the test, and I’m vowing to do better this time. Since we’re being honest, the facts are that reading and blogging doesn’t pay the bills the way passing licensing exams and working hard at work does. Hence the leave of absense.

So, as much as I love this space, I need to take a step back until June 7th when I’ll be taking my exam!

I hope you’ll all still be here and we’ll be able to continue to share our love of books. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on instagram, where I’ll still be semi-active.

❤ Erin

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