What Would You Read if Noone Would Judge You?

People judging what other people read has always been an interesting topic to me. Considering there are so many reasons to read and so many genres, it’s a little funny that judging other people’s tastes are a thing. 

The truth though: I definitely take what other people think in to account when I choose what I’m going to be reading. Without making these rules, here are a few factors that I consider when choosing my next read.

  • I know my family values non-fiction, so I usually make sure I read some nonfiction to discuss when them when I see them
  • I know the blog-o-sphere is interested in New Releases, and publishers want you to read the books they give you within a reasonable timeframe, so I’m always trying to stay present for content
  • I know when a coworker asks me what I’m reading I want to be able to say something other than thrillers, beach reads, and romances.

Luckily, these rules of mine, align closely with my tastes. I love reading contemporary fiction, and I tend to get really excited about a good nonfiction read. And as I’ve gotten older, my taste for thrillers and beach reads have dwindled.

So overall, I think I’m right where I should be in terms of reading what I want to read — while also considering what people think of my reading taste.

But what I want to talk about is what if noone was watching? Did you know 50 Shades of Grey sold SIX TIMES more kindle versions than print versions? To me that screams that we as a society have a judgement problem, and I’m so fascinated to hear what genres are being left out.

My answer: If I truly lived in a world where noone was watching, I think I’d read more murder mysteries. Or love stories. I distinctly remember reading a book when I was younger about a family full of sisters getting ready for a wedding. I loved it! It was a bright yellow book, and I read it on a beach, and it was great! And sometimes these days, I find myself wondering why I don’t read more books like that anymore. 🙂

What about you? If you could read more of anything with no judgement what would it be? YA? Fantasy? Romance? Love stories? Harry Potter for the 6th time?

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