Who You Should Follow On Bookstagram (A Starter List)

When I made this book blog, and it’s affiliated Instagram account, I had no idea how many wonderful “bookstagrammers” there are out there in the world. I thought I had a pretty great and new idea to share my thoughts of books online. Boy, was I wrong! But a few years later I’m so glad that I was able to join this great online community. I’ve really enjoyed the friendships and connections I’ve made, so I wanted to share my “master list” of sorts of accounts I really enjoy engaging with.

You’ll notice that none of these categories are for people with really great book taste – basically because I think they all do. But what really makes an account stand our is their personality and my excitement when I see they have a new post. These accounts also normally read and receive great books so it’s really two birds with one stone.

And my final disclaimer, choosing one attribute for some of these accounts was really hard. There are accounts on here that make me laugh, have beautiful photos, and promote diverse literature! But I had to choose somehow, so it is what it is. It’s not a perfect list, but I hope it inspires you to follow some new #bookstagram accounts and enjoy all the content that comes with them.

For the Laughts:

  • booksandmargs – costco leggings, drink recipes, and (almost) daily snaps of forgotten beverages
  • jennastopreading– make sure you tune in for #murdermonday
  • shelfbyshelf – from #yogadrama to #drunkbooktalk, Hunter is easily the most spirited person on the gram
  • whatmeganreads – she is a hoot! And her husbands dance moves can’t be beat.
  • katelynreadsbooks_ – I can’t remember the last time she read a book but Katelyn always makes me laugh! Other recent interests include the Curly Girl Method
  • nycbookgirl – I’m not sure if Morgan deserves to be “laughs” category, but she definitely brings the style and personality! I love following her adventures in New York and beyond

For Diversity:

  • readmollyread – an LGBTQ reader from Boston who suffers from a chronic illness. She’s happy to talk about any of her struggles and also happy to re-read Harry Potter (again)
  • thestackspod – more than a podcast in my opinion, Tracy is an activist, and it’s inspiring. She has made me so much more aware of patterns in literature and I really appreciate her take on things.
  • bookstagramballerina – Chelsea is strong and not afraid to show it. She’s a victim of sexual assault, politically active, and not a friend who’s going to sit back and let you settle in to societal norms.
  • sachireads – Sachi reads more Asian literature than anyone I’ve ever read. I really like seeing her recommendations since they’re not the ones you see every day
  • simoneandherbooks – I interact with Simone more on her blog than her instagram, but I always appreciate her stories and posts. She’s a moderater of the Worlds Within Pages book club (with SachiReads) that I always keep an eye on too
  • allisonreadsdc – Allison is a crow-pose attempter, pretzel hater, and LGBTQ reader from D.C. Her stories with Bae are adorable and she is just one spirit I enjoy watching on stories every day.

For beautiful photos (not excluding any of the above!)

  • michellereadsbooks – I love her minimalist photos and style
  • bookish_nel – her photos this winter are so cozy. Just don’t mention her feet!
  • literaryjo – a fellow whale lover! And her coffee shop photos are delightful
  • rynicolereads – I wish I could take photos like Ryan’s. They’re just so beautiful
  • booksonherbrain – this girl. she knows her color and she sticks to it. I love her style

For the new moms who are always keeping it real (again not excluding those listed above!)

  • literberry – a work from home ghost writer with the cutest little baby boy. Mallory is always keeping it real and I love following her stories.
  • booknerdnative – Hannah and her daughter Tillian are the cutest! Hannah also is really open about anxiety and I really appreciate that

I enjoy following so many accounts, so if I left you off this list, it is so not a slight! (Maybe I’ll do another Follow Friday list in the future) But I thought this would be a great “short” list for people to start with. Oh, and if you’re not following me, I’d love to have you follow along! My handle is feellearnwonder_

6 thoughts on “Who You Should Follow On Bookstagram (A Starter List)

  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m always looking for other book lovers to follow. I’m new (ish) to IG and find it overwhelming to locate likeminded bookstagrammers. There are so many that do lovely photos etc but of genres I never read and then it feels fake to follow them.

    I see/hear more and more bloggers talking about leaving their blogs and just putting reviews on IG. Is that something you’re considering?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! And I hope it helps to direct you to some like minded readers. I agree, it took me a while to find accounts I like to follow – at first I just saw a bunch of teenagers reading YA novels with like 50k followers. Not totally up my alley!

      But to answer your question, definitely not. I love the blog scene so much more than instagram. I find instagram more about the follower count and the blog more about thoughtful interaction. But that could just be me!


      1. No, it’s not just you! I’m the same way. I marvel at the creativity of their photos, but know that I don’t have the time, attention, props, or styling skills to do the same thing. To me, IG is mostly visual and I love the writing too much to leave my blog, but it does get a bit discouraging to see so many people flocking away from blogs.

        Liked by 1 person

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