#UnreadShelfProject2018 Wrap Up!

What’s better than an end of year wrap-up? If you ask me, not much. 🙂 I’ve been loving reading all the “End of Year Best Of…” lists, but before I get to my favorite books of 2018, I want to look back at my goals for this year — specifically how did the Unread Shelf Project 2018 go?!

This was my original photo of the seven books I absolutely promised myself I would read this year. Update: I read them all!

Let’s start with the stats:

Unread books owned as of January 1st 2018:
Read: 10
Donated: 6
Remaining: 0 (HORRAY!!)

Books purchased in 2018:
Books purchased AND read in 2018: 13
Books purchased and NOT read in 2018: 13

Here’s a little more of the breakdown —

READ 2018 UNREAD 2018
Owned Pre 2018 10
Purchased New 2018 5 8
Purchased BOTM 5 4
Purchased Used 3 1
Library Books 7
Audiobooks 9
Lent by Friend 6 4
Gifted by Friend 2 2
Gifted by Publisher 11 2

And now, on to how I feel about it:

The fact that 20 out of the 58 books I read this year are books that I purchased tells me two things: I did a great job of reading books that I didn’t pay for and I also made some serious progress on my unread shelf. Overall, I’m happy with the progress I made!

This little study is also a great way for me to see that while I did a great job this year reading books lent or given to me, I also bought more books than I can read. I’m going to set a rule of only FIVE books outside of Book of the Month selections for all of 2019, and I can only get a Book of the Month pick if I’ve finished the selections I already chose. The bottom line is that I have so many sources of receiving books, and I really don’t need to purchase books (except when sometimes I definitely do….), so I’m going to limit but not restrict that number.

And what about the specific Unread Shelf Challenge?

Overall as a challenge, I really liked the specific prompts that each month presented. A lot of the times the books on our unread shelf are books we’ve been avoiding for one reason or another, and the little kick in the butt is exactly what we need to read them!

One challenge that surprised me was ‘read the book you most recently purchased’. I loved that one because it made me realize how frequently I get a book and add it to the bottom of the pile, and then end up losing the anticipation that had caused me to hit purchase in the first place.

I’m not sure if I will participate again, but if not this challenge maybe another to help me check off some books. As I hinted to in my Gift Guide, I’m very interested in the Read Harder Challenge!

If you’re interested in the challenge and how it broke down from month-to-month, you can check out all the challenges and reviews here! Let me know if you participated in a similar challenge this year and how it went for you!

Here’s to continuing to read our shelves in 2019 🙂

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