Reads Like Fiction

I get requests for this type of book all the time (particularly from my mom. Hi Mom!), and my response is always one of two answers. 1) DEADWAKE BY ERIC LARSON or 2) You’ve read Deadwake? Well, books like this don’t really come along that often…

Seriously though, I think Deadwake is one of the best narrative nonfiction books of our time. This is one book where the realness of it adds value.

Imagine being in a submarine, so literally far below the ocean’s surface, where humans shouldn’t exist, and your two options outside of 100% perfection and sucess are either being discovered and bombed by the British causing immediate death, or fearing discovery, losing oxygen due to not being able to surface for more air, causing a slower death. The writing in Deadwake that exposed me to the conditions of submarine warfare truly blew me away but in a way where I wanted to keep reading and experiencing the story.

Aside from the haunting truths about marine life, Deadwake also a love story. Not only that, a presidential love story. I’m sure how many  of you are fans of The American President (the movie) or Scandal (the tv show) but to be there’s no better plot line than a presidental love story.

And finally there’s the story of the rich and famous – of the people who get to sail on a luxury ship from New York to London. We all loved the Titanic for the glitz and the glam and the Lusitania is no different in that regard.

So glitz, glam, love, shocking nonfiction, and of course one of histories greatest disasters. Deadwake is truly one of my favorite narrative nonfiction reads and can confidently say it reads like nonfiction.


3 thoughts on “Reads Like Fiction

  1. Larson is a master of it! I loved his book The Devil in the White City. Everything about it drew me in.

    I’m not a fan of nonfiction so I always look for narrative versions. Another one I gave 5 stars to was The Boys in the Boat- and I never knew or cared about rowing! I could not put it down.

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