My Top 4 Favorite Authors

This past week I was in a conversation with my boyfriend and Tana French came up. To emphasize my love for her books, I made the claim that she was in my top 5 favorite authors — and then felt the need to justify that with a formal list. By the time I was done listing favorite authors I only had 4!

Here’s the criteria: I must have read more than one book by the author, and must have recommended them to everyone I know. I have a ton of favorite authors of whom I’ve only read one book, but that didn’t seem fair.


Tana French

Of course this list had to start with Tana French. Tana French is my true favorite author — she’s the author who got me back in to reading after my high school and college slump, probably, honestly, the only author I read during college! A few years ago when that “send one book, recieve thirty-six” book chain was going around, In The Woods was the book I chose to send to my recipient — it’s just that good that I had to share!

Tana French is the author of the Dublin Murder Series. What I love so much about her books is how she focuses so much of the plot on the character development of both those involved in the crime and also the detectives. They are truly engrossing mysteries!

Start with: In the Woods

David Sedaris

David Sedaris is a true comic. His books crack me up without fail. Besides that he’s a reliably funny voice when he’s on the podcast, This American Life, and his shows make for a great night out — or even weekend away. David Sedaris is one of my favorite authors, one of the first things my boyfriend and I ever bonded over, and the inspiration for one of our best weekends away – we went to Poughkeepsie to see his show! I recently purchased his latest book, Calypso, and I can’t wait to read it!

Start with: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls or Naked or Me Talk Pretty One Day (there’s no order!)

Fredrik Backman

Fredrik Backman is another author who has come in to my life in many forms. I first was introduced to him through a random Goodreads recommendation — I cannot tell you how strange that is for me. But it worked!

At any rate, I told my boyfriend about it and when I got home from work that day, a copy of it was on my bed! I LOVED it so much and it became my favorite book. A few months later, we spent a date night at a boutique theatre in New York City watching the Swedish version of the movie based on the book.

I thought I couldn’t love the book or the author any more, but then I bought his short story The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer and lovingly cried through the whole thing. Recently, I made my way through Beartown and it’s sequel, Us Against You, and attended the book tour when Backman visited San Diego yesterday. To say I’m a fan is an understatement!

Start with: Beartown

Erik Larson

Rounding out the book genres, my absolute favorite nonfiction author is Erik Larson. My favorite book of his is Dead Wake, which came out back in 2015. 2015 was really the first year I got back in to reading, so diving in to this book was such a treat. I couldn’t believe how readable and detailed it was for a nonfiction of events occurring 100 years ago. I discovered Erik Larson back in highschool when his Devil in a White City and have been singing his praises since. While I didn’t enjoy In the Garden of Beasts quite as much as the other two, I’m looking forward to reading more of his books in the future!

Start with: Dead Wake

Do you have any favorite authors you’d recommend? Let me know!

10 thoughts on “My Top 4 Favorite Authors

  1. David Sedaris is my all-time forever favorite! I’m endlessly recommending him and surprised that there are still people who haven’t heard of/read him. I can’t imagine life without him!


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