Let’s Grab Coffee

So – I’m currently in the middle of four books. I hate getting to this point, but it is what it is! So in lew of a second review this week, I thought I’d just let you know what’s on my mind. I also love the idea of getting coffee with all of you book lovers, so I thought I’d use this premise as a start for this post.

If we were getting coffee, we’d briefly cover some life stuff.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Cannot wait to start this one! Honestly, one of my most anticipated books of the summer.

 This weekend I’m heading to Savannah, Georgia for a bachelorette! Of course I’ve planned my books more than my outfits, so I’ll just quickly mention that 🙂 . I’m planning to finish The Ressurection of Joan Ashby and take Spying on Whales in case I have extra time. I can’t wait to get to Savannah – I’m excited for the architecture, the sunshine, and of course my friends!

This trip also signals the start of summer travel for me! I’ve historically been a big fall traveler, but this summer we actually have so many fun plans! Between now and mid September I’ll be traveling to Savannah, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, as well as some camping and backpacking in Southern California.

What Else Is New

Not too much – life has been great but busy in San Diego. I started a new job about six weeks ago so that has been taking up a ton of my time (we’ll get to that). I had my book club last week and was reminded of how much I love all those girls and having a group like that in a new city!

and then we’d get down to serious book talk..


New Routines


With my new job, I’m almost exclusively only able to read on weekends. With my previous job, I had a lot more time in the mornings so I was able to do some housework and exercise before work. On top of that, I’ve also noticed that I’m much happier to sit down for long periods of times than short, so during the week when I’m tired and can only read for 20 minutes, I usually opt to read for zero minutes.

I’m mentioning my new habits because they’ve seemed to put a hard limit of 1 book per weekend on my reading quota. And my takeaway is this: I should stop overstuffing my TBRs. I’m just putting pressure on myself and until something changes in my routine, I won’t be able to accommodate more books.

Spoilers! (Not actual spoilers)

This one is in two parts. I’m currently reading A Walk in the Woods – in which Bill Bryson takes on the Appalachian Trail – and I met someone who had walked the Trail and also read the book and he literally spoiled the WHOLE book. Ugh. I thought I didn’t mind, but then I started reading it again and it’s not as enjoyable. UGH.IMG_20180604_080202_648

Additionally, I’ve been thinking a lot about spoilers in my reviews. When I read a review, I typically most enjoy hearing about the structure of the book, and so I try to include that in my reviews. Whether its an alternating narrator, written through a series of letters, or… an unreliable narrator, I usually think it’s good to know going in to it. However, I recently read a book with no knowledge going in to it except that a friend enjoyed it and lent it to me, and I slowly discovered the unreliable narrator component for myself. It made me think that maybe knowing the narrator is unreliable is a SPOILER! I posted a poll on my instagram and most people disagreed with me, but I’m still on the fence (let me know what you think!)

Bookish Home Improvements

I’m writing this post from…. my new reading spot! It’s about 2′ away from my desk, so not to worry, I haven’t traveled too far from my normal spot. My house has a third floor attic area that we haven’t really known what to do with. I thought it had potential for a loft space so besides putting my desk up here, I bought this amazing beanbag from Urban Outfitters and found a TV stand on craigslist. I need so many decorating touches, but it is now functional, and I’m loving my new spot!


One other (semi recent) addition to the loft area is a book cart – or just a utility cart if you please. I saw these all over instagram and wanted to have my own. I’m using mine for books related to my job, or other a typical books, like a guide to photoshop and coloring books.


I recently recieved some fantastic books from publishers and I’m so excited to read them without any expectation and share them with you guys! These include:

I also have some netgalleys but honestly, I’m just not as excited about kindle books! Is that bad? I think I’m going to stop requesting Galleys.

Ok! I hope I didn’t talk your ear off! And definitely drop me a line with your bookish updates as well 🙂

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