I like big books..

.. and I cannot lie. 🙂

Yesterday on my instagram feed, my friend Sonja @readblend had a really interesting post about how she struggles with long books and was asking for any advice. I gave her my two cents, and it made me think about how much I actually love long books.

Some of my favorite long books of the past few years!

My favorite style of reading – a genre I defined myself so may or may not be real – is immersive. Whether its a literary fiction, non fiction, or even a mystery/thriller I just love to feel like I traveled to another place in the world and met a whole group of new people and had the chance to get to know them. A good book will do that and I’ve noticed that typically longer books get the chance to because of the amount of time they have to build the world and develop the characters.

I’m current working through The Great Alone and I am so obsessed. While I may not have left my apartment for a substantial period this weekend, I’m so tempted to tell anyone I talk to tomorrow that I traveled to the Alaskan wilderness, survived my first Alaskan winter (which trust me, I know, is brutal), and fought to save a family from an abusive and alcoholic father (I’m not sure if I succeeded yet — TBD). When you get a good book like that, I love to go all in and not worry about the length – and actually savor that it doesn’t have to be over yet.

So good! This is pretty much what my weekend looked like.

And in case you’re struggling with long books, and my inspirational speech wasn’t enough, here are a few of the strategies that have helped me read more long books:

  • Don’t plan your TBRs. You won’t be so worried about the exact date that you finish a book if you don’t have another 7 you need to get to before June 1st.
  • Read for long periods of time when you do read. I like to look 50 pages ahead and see if there’s a chapter ending around roughly page 250. Then I’ll say “ok I’ll read until Chapter 18.” It makes the page numbers less relevant and also lets me have a finite stopping point. And if you read a 500 pages book in 50 page increments its pretty much the same as reading a 300 pages book in 30 page increments.
  • Read it quickly! Part of the “dragging” of long books is that sometimes you’re intimidated to sit down with it so you only pick it up every few days and then it drags because you’re missing the urgency and excitement. I tend to fly through long books because I read them when I know I’ll have time to dedicate to it and feel fully immersed — and once I’m in to it, there’s no putting it down!

And finally – I commented a few of my thoughts on Sonja’s thoughts and THE AUTHOR OF MY NEXT ANTICIPATED LONG BOOK liked my comment and commented too! So here’s one more piece of advice from Cherise Wolas, the author or The Ressurection of Joan Ashby:

I just fall into the world of the novel and immerse myself in the journey. And for me it’s always about the journey, never about getting to the end in a rush

So there you have it! Let me know how you feel about long books, and if you have any favorites ❤

4 thoughts on “I like big books..

  1. Yes!! I am so bad about reading super long books (I can do 500 pages no problem, but when it’s about 700-1000+ I get a little antsy and always worry about what the long reading period will do to my Goodreads reading challenge — I hate falling behind), so your first point is a good one! I usually end up picking 2 big books to read a year and then make sure I have a head start on my GR reading challenge (like at least 5 books ahead) before starting a longer read, for the buffer. I probably shouldn’t worry too much about my reading challenge numbers, but I do :p

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    1. Haha I’m a total data nerd so I understand caring about the numbers. I honestly don’t know if I’ve read a book over 700 pages so maybe this should be big books with an asterisk! A big book for me is 425-600 pages

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I love the data 😆 I already have my giant tomes for this year picked out but I haven’t started them yet. I probably should… I’m a few books ahead in my GR…

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