12 Days of Bookstagram! (Recap)

I recently participated in the 12 Days of Bookstagram hosted by Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy, and it was a really fun challenge to join in on! I thought 12 days was long enough to feel challenged without getting bored, and the variety of prompts pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is fun to do sometimes as a budding bookstagrammer!

The results are in and I wanted to share my photos by style and how I feel about them going forward on my feed!

1. The Single Book

Posting a photo of a single book is my favorite style! I like to set up the backgrounds to help tell my story, but let the cover steal the show. I find it important to show my followers the whole cover, including the author so they could look up the book if my caption piques their interest. For five of the twelve days I was able to use my personal style, which I was happy about!

2. Multiple Books!

I always love a good book stack photo – and so do the people on bookstagram. I used these photos for the days Shelfie and Book Stack and got a positive response to both photos! I think bookstacks give the viewer extra chances to connect with one of the books in the photo – especially in the case of the thriller stack, a lot of bookstagrammers were excitedly commenting about which book they loved and asking about others they hadn’t read yet.  I love when posts get a lot of interaction so book stack day was one of my favorites!

3. House photos!

I had so much fun taking photos of my apartment during this challenge! I don’t usually share photos of my house, mostly for the reason that this is a book account and not an interior design blog! I love following blogs like Apartment Therapy, and as much as I love my space, it doesn’t totally feel instaworthy. That being said, I loved the excuse to post pictures of my home because my space does interact with my reading life and it makes me so happy. I posted these photos for Bibliophile Life, My Reading Spot, and On My Nightstand day. These photos got less likes than my typical style, but it was fun to put them out there and have people say that they enjoyed seeing my space!

4. Busy Busy

My two least favorite days of this challenge were Bookstore and Flat Lay. These aren’t styles that I typically share on my account, because to me they end up looking busy. There are people on #bookstagram who totally nail this style, but they just don’t work for me – and that’s ok! At the end of the day this is my account and I can do what I want 🙂 .


I hope you enjoyed reviewing the 12 days of bookstagram with me! Let me know if you have a favorite style of book photo!

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