Book Review: The Female Persuasion

Author: Meg Wolitzer
Published: April 2018
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
FLW Rating: 4.5/5

One of my friends in San Diego is as in to reading as I am, which I didn’t think was possible! We’ve been trading books back and forth throughout our almost-a-year-old friendship, and last month she brought me The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer. If you have been keeping an eye on upcoming books, I’m sure you’ve seen this cover because it is just so unforgettably beautiful! I read this one as soon as it came out and it as so fun to read it without being influenced by other reviews. I was able to form my own opinions and enjoy it purely for myself.


The Female Persuasion is a work of contemporary fiction that explores the lives of Greer, a college freshman discovering her way in the world, and the lives of those around her. Throughout the book the characters handle the tough issues of grief, loyalty, purpose, love, friendship, and so much more!

I loved the way this story developed – each character was given a very thorough section of the book in which their background and life choices were examined and worked through. I loved the use of multiple narrators without really doing alternating narrators. Sometimes the depth of a character can get lost when the point of view changes too quickly, so I loved the length of the chapters and the way that allowed the reader to connect to the story on another level.

My major criticism was that some parts – including the end – felt a little cheesy to me. I LOVE a cheesy story line when it works, and it worked here, so I take nothing away from the story in that regard, but feel the need to warn you if you are a non-cheese lover. (Which is totally ok!)

I hope you pick this book up and enjoy it the way I did!

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