Review: The Woman in the Window

Author: A.J. Finn
Published: January 2018
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Book of the Month January 2018 Selection
FLW Rating: 5/5

“You’re having trouble breathing. Is the book that good?”, my boyfriend asked me as I was trying to read the last 30 pages of The Woman in the Window. Yes, it is. The suspense truly had me that frozen in the moment.

The Woman in the Window tells the story of Anna Fox, a former psychologist who is now suffering from agoraphobia and has not left her house in eleven months. She has lots to do inside her house, including watching old black and white movies, helping fellow agoraphobes online through the username ‘thedoctorisin’, and watching her neighbors through the window. And one night, as she’s spying, she accidentally observes a very violent scene. The story that follows captures Anna’s desperate pursuit for answers as she fights her inability to leave her house and her reliability as a witness. It’s an uphill battle, but when you’ve seen what Anna has, it’s hard to let it go.

This book surprised me over and over again – later in the book the surprises came from the plot twists, but the initial surprise was how much narrative there was before Anna saw the aforementioned violent act. In the past, I’ve found that in thrillers like this, the crime is normally pretty close to the start. I appreciated the depth that Finn brought to the plot before he dropped any twists. I enjoyed following Anna around her house as she did her daily tasks, and I think building this side of the plot allowed the action to ebb and flow later in the book without any dragging.

I don’t read too many thrillers these days, but I would highly recommend this one. Besides the fact that it will be a blockbuster in the near future, you don’t want to miss the action that had me literally holding my breath.

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