My San Diego Bookish Bucket List

My major victory of today was that I finally took those extra steps across the street, and joined the library! It was the EASIEST process ever, and since I actually have a California drivers license (I never got a New York one), it made joining so much easier. I have been on a major book buying binge recently (due to having significantly more bookshelf space, significantly lower rent, and no library card), but that is all about to stop! I’m proud to say I’m the proud carrier of a San Diego Public Library card!

So joining the library had me thinking, what other bookish things can I  just not wait to do? So without further ado, here we go.


Blue Stocking Book Store – I went here when I  visited San Diego in February and the owner was so friendly!  I didn’t buy anything because I had limited luggage space,  but I can’t wait to go back. This store has a beautiful collection of new and used books, and I loved browsing through it. This may become my regular!

Warwicks – I first heard about this one through Swan Huntley’s bookstore, and google calls it iconic! I cannot wait to check this one out.

Adams Avenue Bookstore – I really like the neighborhood Normal Heights, and this one seems to fit in with the vibe. Quirky, cozy, and unique were three adjectives I found when searching.

Coffee Shops

Holsem Coffee – ok this one is already my favorite. From their rose flavored lattes with real rose petals on top, to their banana bread cold brew, their coffee is top  notch. The design of the shop is also beautiful, and I can easily see myself spending many a Saturday here.

Heartsleeves Coffee, James Coffee Co, and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters are all on my to-visit list too

Other Bookish Adventures

I hope to go to more bookish events, whenever those occur in San Diego.

I hope to spend more Saturday’s reading on the beach.

I hope to form a book club with a group of my new friends.

So where to begin? Tomorrow I’m heading to the main branch of the SDPL! The building looks amazing from the outside, so I’m excited to see the inside. [will report back 🙂 ]

Your Turn:

Have you been to San Diego? Have any bookstore or coffee shop recs?

Where’s your favorite place to relax with a good book?

Do you use the public library??



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