It’s Amazon Prime Day!

So lets talk everything Amazon and Books….

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, use the offer code PRIMEBOOKS17 to get $5 off any book over $15 (which is most books!!).

My choices — Where the Water Goes: Life and Death of the Colorado River and The Confusion of Languages. I cannot wait for them to get here on Thursday!


Last year on Amazon Prime day I finally recognized the lack of a kindle in my life and bought a Kindle Paperwhite. It wasn’t my first ereader – I bought a Nook Color in high school the day it came out, and later on I used my iPad mini, but seriously the battery life on those for using the kindle app in insanely weak. So I thought long and hard and then hit ‘purchase’ on a brand new Kindle Paperwhite.

Given the choice between a real book and a kindle book, I always choose a real book; but sometimes you need a kindle, or – dare I say it- the kindle is actually the better choice. So, I decided to outline some of my favorite things about my Kindle Paperwhite and a few of my top recs for kindle books. 

Size – the kindle is SO portable, especially the paperwhite. While a case definitely bulks it up, I still love being able to throw it in my bag incase I find a quiet spot to read.

Highlights – Honestly, if real books could get this function, I’d never look back. The kindle gives you the ability to highlight sections, and when the book is finished you can email yourself a PDF or excel spreadsheet of all your notes. Your highlights also sync with Goodreads, so you can share your favorite quotes with your friends. Have you ever read a nonfiction book and wanted to back up your claim when trying to tell your friends the craziest thing you read? Highlights is there for you.

XRAY – I really love this tool. A lot of times in a novel I’ll overloook certain characters in the first couple chapters and when they come back in later, I feel a little lost. XRAY will find the defining paragraph of that character and show it to you to jog your memory. The also updated this feature to block out pages you havent read. In previous editions it would show you all mentions of a characters name, and so you could tell if someone makes it to the very last page. I found that very upsetting when I was trying to read Game of Thrones! XRAY also will give you defitions of terms that youre unsure of, with more context than a dictionary. Not sure why you should remember a certain Civil War general mentioned in passing in the text? XRAY’s got you covered.

Book Club – Book Club is three fold. 1. You either want to start reading immediately and download the book instantly, or maybe you procrastinated and with one day left you need to get access to the book and read it. 2. When you’re discussing the book, you so need to find that paragraph you highlighted half way through. No chance you’re finding that in a hard copy. 3. You may just not want to own every book your book club picks. This way it can live in digital form forever and not take up space on your bookshelf.

You’ll never run out of books on a trip – I know we’re all trying to pack more lightly when we go on vacation, but there’s always that feeling of “what if I finish my book?” My go-to travel move is to take the book I’m reading (usually a hardcover), and then throw my kindle in my carry on. If I do finish my book, I have about 10 books waiting on my kindle for me. It’s happened a couple times and I’m always so glad I threw my kindle in my bag — and that it’s battery is still running!

There are always deals! – seriously. There are multiple kindle deal websites (that I had to unfollow because I found too many books I wanted for $2 and I couldn’t NOT buy them.) Also look out for sales around Christmas/New Years-  Amazon often does a day of Goodreads Best Books of the Year and another day of New York Times Bestsellers. Caution: These are dangerous – but only moderately so because they’re so cheap!)

So if you’re convinced, and you just bought yourself a brand new kindle, here are a few of my recommendations for good kindle reads!

  1. Dead Wake by Erik Larson – amazing writing and amazing research you’ll want to remember
  2. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson – definitely highlight worthy
  3. Sweetbitter – this book may not be at the top of everyone’s list, but there are some amazing passages I enjoyed going back to
  4. Eleanor & Park – such a sweet sweet book. Reading it on the kindle felt like I was keeping it light. I also sneakily read this one on my iPad at work because I couldn’t put it down! ❤

2 thoughts on “It’s Amazon Prime Day!

  1. You make a good case for the Kindle! Just wanted to say that I really liked Sweetbitter too, even though I get why it wasn’t for some people. I was fascinated by that world – I didn’t want to join it, no thanks, too much drama and too many bad decisions, but I was intrigued by it for sure. She’s a beautiful writer.


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it too – I’ve found that whenever I say I liked it, people normally disagree! I’m with you, I didn’t want to join it but her writing is just so good.

      Liked by 1 person

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