February Rundown

Hello Readers!

So much of how you respond to a book depends on the context of when you read it. I find I go through phases of loving histories or social commentaries or novels etc. So I thought a monthly recap of adventures in reading would be a fun way to share my context. So here we go!

In the end of January, I was traveling for work on the other side of the country. I always listen to the Book Riot Podcast “All The Books,” and the week I was traveling, I added so many books to my TBR list. I came home anxious to get reading them!

One of them was Perfect Little Word by Kevin Wilson. After hearing the description, I immediately went to Goodreads and added it to my list. I often add books to my list and don’t get around to them because of other books get in the way, but this was one that I thought, OK that’s one I definitely want to read. So fast forward to February 1st (The best day of the month if you’re a Book of the Month Club member! If you’re thinking about joining, and I so suggest you do – use my referral code here!), and imagine my surprise and pleasure when Perfect Little World was one of the choices. I quickly selected my BOTM and confirmed my box. I did check out the other options and Pachinko and The Animators totally struck my fancy! Maybe for an extra book one month 🙂 .

While I was on the same trip, Book of the Month came out the “Bookshelf” feature. It allows you to rate your books using up to three emojis and then add it to one of three shelves: liked it, loved it, disliked it. I’ll be sharing  mine in a post soon! Of course, through the process of doing this, I realized I had never gotten around to my December selection, Whatever Happened to Interracial Love. This was #1 on my to do list when I got home.

Shortly after my trip, I got an email that Moonglow by Chabon was ready for me at the library. I found that because of the time limit to pick up and read Moonglow, I was rushing though Whatever Happened to Interracial Love,  which just wasn’t working. This is the  kind of book that is meant to be enjoyed slowly. The prose is so smooth,  it’s almost poetic. I ended up putting this one down so as not to ruin it, and headed to the library to pick up Moonglow.


A dense 400 page library book (2 week loan time), is tough for me… but I did it! I was diligent about reading and finished it just in time for its due date and…… MY VACATION! I enjoyed the book, but would only give it a 3.5/5.  (Review here!)

I tried to pack lightly so I only took my kindle with me on my 5 day trip to Southern California. I got The Plot Against America out on loan from the library (NYPL does Kindle Books!) and read most of it on the plane. Our trip was crazy busy and we took the red-eye back, so I ended up putting my book down, for the most part, until getting home. I was able to finish it up this week in time to get my review out yesterday. (Read it here!) This one I liked a bit more than Moonglow, but would still give it a 3.75/5, just shy of a 4 🙂 .

And finally, I’m ending the month with my Book of the Month selection  Perfect Little World. I love to finish my BOTM by the end of the month, before I get excited about my next one. (You can see what happened to Whatever Happened to Interracial Love when I put that one off.) I had a commitment this weekend where I just had to be somewhere, but not be too active. It was an absolutely  beautiful day in New York, so I was able to sit outside and read all day. So far I am LOVING it! Reading a good book is so refreshing. The writing it fluid, the characters are  well developed, the plot is engaging. Kevin Wilson does it again! Will be posting a review soon 🙂 .

Looking Ahead:

I’m so looking forward to March 1st so I can pick my new Book of the Month and Thursday, when I meet with my local book club and will find out what our next book is!

I also want to read Hillbilly ElegyHere We Are: Feminism for the Real World, and Evicted (Out in paperback today! I snagged this one when it was on kindle-sale right after Christmas). I can already tell I’m going on a social commentary kick!

March is shaping up to be a great month for reading 🙂

Your turn!

Did you read anything great in February?

Do you have anything on your TBR List for March?

How do you normally pick your books?


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