Welcome to Feel Learn Wonder!

Welcome to my little corner of the literary and internet world! I’m a 27 year old engineer, with a very long TBR list.

In an ideal world, I would read all day, with a flat white or a craft beer by my side, soaking up the words of the pages. Instead, that’s only a small facet of my life, albeit one I’m trying to grow. This blog will feature books I’ve read and so badly want to discuss with the internet – and all things book related in my life.

I’ve absolutely loved to read since I was a little girl – I was a regular at the local public library, my favorite store in town was the locally owned bookstore, and my favorite part of family vacations was hands down the long car rides, airplane rides, or beach days for reading the latest young adult novel. Somewhere in my teen years, I lost the drive to read and spent most nights texting friends and boys until it was time for lights out. But in the past two years, as a full fledged adult, I have rediscovered my love of reading.

At this point,  you must be wondering about the name of the blog. Well, it’s really quite simple. As I think about books I’d love to read and books I’ve already loved, I’ve come to the realization that I read for three reasons…

1. I read to feel – I will adore a book that hurts my heart to its core – and best case, puts it back together

2. I read to learn – and I feel strongly about learning through both fiction and non fiction, and

3. I read to wonder – wonder about the world we live in and what an interesting place it can be.

So what will you find in terms of books on this blog? Well I tend to stick to things I like, so here’s a quick rundown of that.


Lots of Contemporary Fiction

Love, but not Romance

History and Historical Fiction

Specifically: World War II, American History, or a captivating Microhistory

Things that are topical

i.e. Books about the prison system, the heroine epidemic, feminism, and more



Science Fiction

Bad Character Development

History Books That Read Like Text Books

So thanks for coming along! I’ll be back with my first review soon, but for now, I’m off to finish my current book on loan from the library.

Currently Reading: Moonglow by Michael Chabon

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